Film and gastronomy in San Sebastian 2011

On the other, and jointly organised with the Basque Culinary Center, this year will see the launch of a section dedicated to Film and Gastronomy, to include the screening of films combined with themed dinners related to the movies programmed. The section will open with the world premiere of Mugaritz BSO, by Felipe Ugarte and Juantxo Sardon.
Mugaritz BSO. In 2007, the musician Felipe Ugarte and the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz set out on a joint project aiming to transform the gastronomic menu into a musical experience and create a witness to the process: the documentary Mugaritz BSO. Understanding the intention, fusion and spirit of different recipes created at Mugaritz plays a key part in reproducing a faithful, transparent world of sound converting the sensations of the palate into musical compositions.
The recipes created, the participation of over 40 musicians including the tenor Carlos Mena and Suso Saiz, the Alos Quartet, Tanya Tagaq (Inuit), Wafir (Sudan), Ramz (Palestine), Carlos Miranda (Peru), among others and soundscapes captured in the Basque Country, Galicia, Extremadura, Ethiopia and Peru, introduce us to a map where the world of haute cuisine and music come together in perfect harmony.
The documentary also benefits from excellent musical production by the producer Juan Hernández and Felipe Ugarte.