Pousadas of the Alentejo

On The Road - Arraiolos to Vila Vicosa - Part 1  

Touring Portugal’s Alentejo

This land of endless horizons and immense estates, "latifundios", is dotted with vineyards, undulating fields of wheat, olive groves and vast cork forests.  

The region is populated by horses, goats, sheep and the famed acorn-grazing black pigs of the Alentejo.  It boasts highly photogenic fortified hill towns, each with its own defensive fortress or castle sitting atop the hill, built during the time of the Christian Re-conquest of Iberia.  Handsome villages dotting the countryside sport tidy whitewashed homes complete with ornate wrought iron balconies often trimmed in yellow to protect the occupants against fevers, or in blue to ward off flies. 

Early spring, when the landscape is blanketed with fields of colorful wildflowers would be the best time to visit sun baked Alentejo, before the stifling heat of summer moves in.