Gastronomic Tours in the Basque Country 2013

Pintxos Tours in San Sebastian-Donostia
Basque bar food has been raised to an art form, and pintxos in San Sebastian, are unique;  from freshly grilled foie gras to flaky cod with peppers and shrimp brochettes thrown in for good measure.  Each bar has its own specialty, which they will proudly prepare to order.  Over the course of a walking tour through the historic quarter of San Sebastian, you will be introduced to Basque Culture, meet locals and taste the best of what the city has to offer.

€115/person - minimum of 2 people
€105/person - 4-6 people

Basque Pintxos Cooking Class
Start the day with a visit to the market to find out which jamón ibérico, or small production olive oil is best.  Taste artisanal cheeses straight from the shepherd and try your hand a producing a bar full of the most appealing tapas/pintxos in the unique style of San Sebastian with an expert culinary guide and private chef.  Learn the secrets of some of San Sebastian’s most famous bars; recipes, presentation techniques and variations in an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere.  A hands-on class followed by a delicious pintxos based meal of your own creation!  Wine, lunch and recipes included.

€175/person - minimum of 2 people
€150/person - 4-6 people

Basque Cooking Class + Private Dinner
Two blocks from the market roll up your sleeves to prepare an exquisite, 4-course meal of fabulous Basque dishes under the guidance of your private chef.  Later enjoy the fruits of your labor in a lovely private dining room with specially chosen local wines to compliment the dishes you have prepared.  A relaxed and intimate experience that allows a unique glimpse into the Basque kitchen.

€300/person - minimum of 2 people
€175/person - 4-6 people

The Basque Coast
Morning visit to the smallest D.O. wine producing region in Spain, Txakoli of Getaria.  Getaria is a charming fishing village on the Cantabrian sea, backed by green hills covered with trellised grape vines.  After a guided stroll through the village, you will visit an artisanal tuna and anchovy producer.  Later you will be given a private tour of one of the 20 Txakoli wineries.  The owner will explain the history and production of this delightful white wine, before a special tasting session accompanied by the highly prized local tuna, which has been caught and hand packed in the village.

€235/person - minimum of 2 people
€180/person - 4-6 people

A Day In La Rioja
A private guide/driver is on hand to whisk you from San Sebastian to the Rioja for a special day of winery visits and an introduction to the rich culinary tradition of the region.  You will visit two strikingly different wineries, sampling wines at both.  The tastings highlight the dramatic differences between traditional aged wines from the Rioja Alta and the bold fruity wines now popular in the Rioja Alavesa, the Basque Rioja.  The visit paints a broad picture of the variety of the techniques and tendencies in today’s Spanish wines.  Debate the merits of carbonic maceration or varietal blends over a leisurely lunch of Riojan potatoes with chorizo, roasted red peppers, milk fed lamb and traditional sweets - with wine of course!

€430/person - minimum of 2 people
€300/person - 4-6 people

Wine Tasting in San Sebastian-Donostia
Spanish wine is on everyone’s lips.  See what all the full is about with a guided wine tasting in our private tasting room.  Learn the differences between the unique Spanish grapes and their growing regions along with the different aging standards in a fun and lively class with an English speaking enologist.  Enjoy some terrific  wines and some light tapas with your favorites.  A great activity before a Rioja winery tour.

€125/person - minimum of 2 people
€105/person - 4-6 people

The Art and Craft of Basque Cuisine - Farm Visits
The stunning green mountains and isolated stone villages set into hidden valleys are out of reach for most travelers to the Basque Country.  A full-day excursion during which your private guide/driver will lead you into these communities and introduce you to local cheese makers, bakers and craftsmen.  Lunch in a idyllic village along the way.

On a day dedicated to Basque food, it is best to start the day at the farmer’s market in San Sebastian with an overview of local products.  Stop into some of the best specialized gourmet shops for tastings of raw sheep’s milk cheeses and top quality bellota ham.

Drive along the coast to an organic vegetable farm overlooking the Cantabrian Sea.  The owner has worked hand in had with the top chefs in the area for more than 25 years.  He has developed sustainable production methods that are environmentally friendly.  He will walk yo through his greenhouses and fields where they are currently working with baby fava beans, which are then double peeled before being put up in glass jars.  You will have a chance to try the products with a local chef who will come by to discuss the use of these products in haute cuisine.

You will also stop by an anchovy producer to see them at work packing the salted anchovies, which have just finished maturing in salted brine.

Getaria is also the principal village for the fresh young wine called Txakoli, and there is no better time or place to try some.

Later in the afternoon you will visit a mountain village where a young cheese maker is reviving ancient traditions.  Most cheese in the Basque Country is made with raw sheep’s milk, but this artisan is working with both raw and pasteurized cow and sheep’s milk to create fresh, creamier cheeses.  This year he will begin to works with goat’s milk as well.

€360/person - minimum of 2 people
€235/person - 4-6 people

Included: Full-day guide/driver, farm visit, comparative olive oil and cheese/wine tasting, three-course lunch with wine and guided market visit.

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