When “The Sun Also Rises” over the streets of Pamplona

At 8:00 am the morning of July 7th, when the first rocket explodes in the sky above the Ayuntamiento de Pamplona announcing the start of the first encierro, the running of the bulls, the bright morning sun will momentarily blinds runners standing in the town hall square near the top of Santo Domingo awaiting the onslaught of the six charging bulls and six massive steers racing up the steep cobblestone street from the corral at the bottom of the slope.  It will be a tense moment for those unfamiliar with what is about to happen.
On this day in 2015 the Jandilla bulls set a fast, thrilling, and very dangerous pace, seriously injuring 11 runners along the way, finishing the encierro with three gorings, the first occurring on Calle Santo Domingo.  It was the first time the Jandilla bulls had more then two gorings in less then 3 minutes (2 min. 23 sec.), and the 5th time there were 3 or more gorings on the opening day.  It was also one of the fastest runs for the Jandilla bulls in their 16 appearances in the Fiesta de San Fermín.  Will they repeat it in 2016?